What’s the BIG IDEA? part 1 – Forcing Food for Thought


Saint John, New Brunswick – Just when you think you’ve seen it all, life’s sense of humor will start forging new perspectives. It’s when you drop the ball, hit a wall, metaphorically ‘fall’, that you learn the most about what it means to stand tall. That is if you’re open to accepting the possibility of a stepping stone to serendipity.For what is experience if we are not constantly learning, embracing and growing? We can all recall a time in our life something happened we’d like to forget, and for some, an unimaginable nightmare isn’t too far fetched.Stop holding your breath for a man in black to wipe your memory. That in itself would be your cause of death.  Instead, take a breath, maybe fifteen, and give your mind a rest. You deserve a break every day without any other thoughts; judgment free. For who is our worst critics really?Feeling blessed does not come as easy to some. It’s challenging, being on the run waiving a loaded gun, or carrying burdens that weigh a tonne. Harsh as it sounds, we only get the cards were dealt, with no re-runs. Are you one to sit back wondering why someone else over you won, or are you the type that when life calls to you-you come?Calling all natural-born winner’s to join The Riotous Rebels. Motto: Best life for everyone! Some people hold so tightly to hate, enjoy putting others down, playing a victim, pouting and touting; life is hard. Stop doubting and start re-routing!The internet is full of people with selfishly-lived lives, spreading hate, using social media as a guise. Ironically, the same medium is where you can find purpose and insight; a non-geographical place where knowledge takes flight. But, let’s face it, life can knock you down. Self-worth is fickle. There are ups and downs.  But you know what: solace can almost always be found when someone reaches out, speaks out, and lights a spark that creates a smile where there was once a frown.   Ever think that for every dark ugly evil there is something just as beautiful or greater than it waiting to be thought of and conjured? The consciousness shift everyone on earth is experiencing, the collective inertia is gaining momentum. Like so many of us, we are awakening from feeling ‘stuck’. That icky uncomfortable complacency is, unfortunately, an essential part of changing what we don’t enjoy about our lives. Good news is, knowing is half the battle. Perspective is often blind at the time – that’s why they call it hindsight. Historically, it takes an entire congregation or movement to make even the tiniest budge on the gauge of man kinds mind. So, how far are you willing to go? What are you most passionate about? And what is the most productive way to reach the goal? What is the goal? To inspire change for the better? The betterment of who? There are no limits except the ones we place on ourselves. There are of course laws of society, but really, we have choices in Canada of what we want to hear and see. Problems arise when we are victimized by fatty conglomerate noise. It’s hard to be poised amidst children on reality shows instead of playing with toys. But you know what they say – boys will be boys.  That’s the ploy. The game of ostrich-play-coy.It’s challenging, sifting through a concluded information age. But wait. With all this haze, wouldn’t that make it the opposite?  – a misinformation age?As the global economy and environment decline, civil war rages in ‘The Stans’, krokodile (a synthetic form of heroin) kills millions in Russia, population overbears in China, disrupted coral-reef displacement continues to unfurl, near annihilation of bioluminescence and domestic violence booms as McDonald’s remains the cheaper quicker option. We’re not done discovering the ocean, not even close, but, progress on robots and molecular biology is mind-boggling. There is so much we don’t know, and too much we now do. There is no reason for anyone to feel inadequate in their own skin. Yet day-to-day more people fray from their potential to be gay. Know what I say? We are all human and enjoy poop’n, period. So how is prejudiced, fear, tradition, honor, money and power still getting in the way?Somebody has got to stand up and say: let’s get creative!How exactly does one bust through the ceiling of outdated ideologies and practices? Well, even the greatest waves started as a ripple.  A smile, a free coffee, holding a door, writing a love note, a look, a touch, using less and recycling more, complaining less, appreciating more, reserving space in your mind only for productive thoughts, taking only what you need and always with a grain of salt, concurring when you agree and planting firm when you don’t, and the ability to speak freely with the knowledge and know how to do so gracefully, to name a few.Really though, what is the big idea? What is possible? plausible? Does the intention match the motivation; and to what end will you see to, to reach your projection?You may have already noticed the universe will work in your favor. The key to breaking out of the confinements of confusion is unorthodox, outlier, spontaneous ways of thinking. Knowledge is the power that starts waves, and in a way, helps fend off ‘nay’ says. But, it takes inspiration and opportunity to surpass all that craze. Creative freedom is what will bring forth new ways.Coming Soon: What’s The Big Idea? Part 2 Send me your thoughts on what true power is. Comment here or send me an email to [email protected]