How technology is taking over our lives


How technology is taking over our lives. – Bevan Jones

Now I for one am guilty of having an obsession with my mobile phone and before I go to bed and when I first wake up, the first and last thing I do is check my phone for any important messages or emails and Facebook as well too.

One thing that I certainly don’t do though is sit on my phone when out for dinner with my partner or with friends, it always staggers me when you are sitting at a restaurant and at the table next to you every single person is on their phones and not even communicating with the person they are catching up with.

I am nearly pushing 40 years of age so I grew up in the era when there was no mobile phones, emails or Facebook and the only way to communicate was to write letters, use the home phone or go and knock on my friend’s door and hope they are home.

I thought this quote from Holmes, Jones (2011, p.148) was quite appropriate with relation to how mobile phones have taken over people’s lives:

“Many of our mobile, time-space compressing media have been designed to fit this new, post-Fordist ‘complex of needs’, with mix success.  Today for example, many treasure the mobile phone as a means of maintaining ‘work-life balance’ – often while commuting – yet it is also resented for its capacity to intrude on our private life”.

This quote talks about how many people treasure the mobile phone and how it has become almost impossible for most to live without their mobile phones. It makes me wonder how we used to survive prior to mobile phones and social media like Facebook and Twitter.

My conclusion is that we have become an inactive society with technology and rely on technology so much but perhaps more of us could try to go without technology for a few hours or as much as a day and it would be interesting to see what we would do to occupy our time.

Whilst mobile phones and other technology has it’s advantages, Australia is now reaching the same obesity levels as the USA so instead of letting your kids play video games, perhaps encouraging them to climb trees and ride their bike like I used to do as a kid might resolve this epidemic.