Diving Deep with Pop Sensation Cozmic


Throughout the course of the recent years Cozmic has been frequently on our radar. Kicking off the season with his new single “Rise For You”, he definitely brings his unique and visionary tail to the world of music. Currently based in California, you can feel his Summertime jam flow throughout. We had the honor to catch up with Cozmic as he chats about his craft, and his goals for the upcoming year and beyond.


Listen to “Rise For You” on Spotify:


What is the inspiration behind your new single “Rise For You”?

We all have those people in our lives that totally “get us” and bring out our highest selves. Could be a girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, mentor, hero, role-model… They see us beyond our flaws and by doing so make us feel heard, understood and inspire us to be better. I wanted to write a song that was dedicated to those people. It’s especially important in the challenging times we are in to have people that support us and bring out our best.

What made you discover your passion for creating an eclectic blend of your own sound? What places in your mind do you channel to craft your songs?

Since I was a child I’ve always loved music from so many different genres. I could never “pick a lane” and identify with just one particular type of music, subculture or even group of friends. I’ve always bounced around and found the value in diversity. So when it came to working on my own music, naturally the expression has blended a lot of my diverse influences from 2000s indie rock, hip hop / trap and retro 80s and 90s electro-pop…and more. When crafting my songs, I channel my own journey of life experiences in LA, New York, Spain and while traveling abroad. Sometimes a story, a line or a melody just pop into my head and I follow it wherever it takes me. I’m also an avid meditator and find inspiration and creativity through that.

What is the meaning behind the song’s title “Rise For You;” and what does it hold for you?

So many pop songs are about “Falling” for someone and I thought I’d put a twist on this classic phrase. “Rising” for someone means becoming a better version of yourself because that person lifts you up to a higher vibration through their support and inspiration.

What are your favorite venues to perform at? and if you had to choose, do you feel more comfortable in the studio or onstage, and why?

Right now it’s all about performing online which is fun and definitely has it’s place. I’m getting more used to connecting with audiences this way. But of course I love being in the electrifying energy of live shows. I especially love festivals. I remember playing at Bonnaroo years back and it was one of my favorite live experiences. Clubs that have a rich history like The Troubadour in LA or The Mercury Lounge in NYC are also really fun (especially when they have a great sound system!). I love both experiences. In studio is more of an introverted experience and on-stage is more extroverted. I’m kinda both so I like them both for different reasons.

How do you create your songs? What is the process like? Does it take you days, weeks, even longer? How does the perfect piece come together?
Every song is different. It could take 3 hours to write a great song or even a year of tinkering on something. Each song has its own soul in a way and needs to evolve at its own pace and rhythm. The process is often different. It could start with a lyric idea, a melody that popped in my head or a more structured co-writing session with one of my creative partners. A lot of it is just feeling out what sounds authentic, has real relatable lyrics and infectious melodies. I’m all about writing catchy songs that have some depth.
How did you create a sound throughout time that is so uniquely your own? What defines your sound to you?

I think it’s by not subscribing to one genre or one formula. I’m not trying to sound like anyone else. Of course my influences will shine through but I’m doing my best to be me. It’s constantly evolving but I do think I’ve landed on a sound that is my own and it happened by just doing it. For this project I’ve written over 200 songs, recorded 35 but only released a handful so far. During that process I’ve been finding my unique sound.

What do you hope you accomplish musically as we head further into 2020?
For me it’s all about making great music that I love and would want to listen to. I’ll keep putting it out there and sharing with anyone who resonates with it. I hope to reach more and more people and build a community of like-minded music listeners–make kind of a “Cozmic Tribe” of friends who connect with each other.