Donny Anderson Shines With New Release


Donny Anderson is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, ON who is known for his heartfelt lyrics, instantly recognizable voice and big stage presence. As an artist and songwriter, Donny has worked with/written for many major label artists, Canadian Idols, and has had several major television and movie placements. His songwriting and artistry has amassed Billboard attention, a European #1, a Canadian top 10 single, West Jet in-flight entertainment placements and international touring.

Donny has been working with many heavyweight songwriters and producers for his debut album coming in 2021. Donny’s first single of the year, “Lovin’ You,” features the legendary singer, Divine Brown, and is supported by the Songwriter’s Association of Canada.

Donny’s vocal prowess is reminiscent of many of the greatest vocal singers of our time, with an incredible range supported by a unique and undeniable tone. A former Canadian Idol finalist, he spent a few years in the major label machine. Having the knowledge of what it’s like to have major label support combined with the freedom of viewing things through an independent lens, Donny was armed with the tools to take charge of the music he was making and he has never looked back.