Late Guest at the Party is the Dance Troupe You Need to Know NOW!


Originally hailing from overseas in Rimini, Italy, Late Guest at the Party moved to New York City in 2013 to record a follow-up to their acclaimed debut LP. And we’re glad they did.


Their latest release “Late Nite,” bring a bold and danceable vibe to their already eclectic songs. They’re strong, and visionary as they take their sound to a whole new level.

In 2016, after some personnel changes and left without a vocalist, drummer/producer/group mastermind Renzo Mazzotti started exploring different elements in composition within electronic genres closer to his musical influences growing up.


Beth Hansen was brought on board to co-write their first new-era single (“Give You a Life”) and ended up becoming the permanent singer for the group. Bringing in her musical influences from the US, Hansen and Mazzotti started blending modern house and disco ideas with 90s dance and Europop they respectively listened to growing up.


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