One to Watch: Scout Gillett


Scout Gillett is the artist you’ve been waiting for. The singer-songwriter, who hails from Kansas City, Missouri has just released her new single “one to ten,” which has us obsessed with the artist. Pulling influences from an array of diverse artists from Bonnie Raitt to Karen O., Scout moved to New York and has been creating music on her own terms. Stopping by today, we chat with Scout to get the inside scoop of what makes the music come alive.

What is the inspiration behind your new single “one to ten”?

The inspiration behind my song ” one to ten ” is about facing addiction and inner turmoil but discovering a light at the end of the tunnel and a will to live.

What made you discover your passion for creating an eclectic blend of your own sound? What places in your mind do you channel to craft your songs?
I discovered my passion for creating an eclectic blend of my own sound by just messing around and trying to create as much as possible. I try to be genuine and intentional when I write and I think that makes it unique.. I’m not trying to write to a formula that I know everyone will like.. I never colored inside the lines and I always write my ‘s’s backwards. I could write pop songs if I wanted but… I’m sick of hearing the same thing. and it wouldn’t be near as fun.. Copying is no fun.. Discovering- is where it’s at. I have to get in a zone and focus .. it helps to just have a notebook, acoustic guitar and a candle .. I just meditate on the flame.. also might smoke a lil something something to get in the zone 🙂

What is the meaning behind the song’s title “one to ten;” and what does it hold for you?

The meaning behind the song title “one to ten” is a term expressing that I want to live life to the fullest but with the right choices. We all have different things that are hard to control.. I feel like I’m an all out or all in person. Either I’m extremely interested or not at all. Extremely passionate and driven about somethings and other things I’ll just walk away from if I don’t care about it. The meaning changes… that’s what I love about songs and writing.. .the words and melody can affect you in a new way or chapter of your life and mean something completely different to you.

What are your favorite venues to perform at? and if you had to choose, do you feel more comfortable in the studio or onstage, and why?

My favorite venues to perform at are usually DIY venues.. because DIY is a strong part of me and my community.. and I just love those shows.. so much fun.. I love Fleetwoods in Asheville… The observatory in Chicago.. Hi Tone in Memphis.. Central Saloon in Seattle.. Farewell transmission in KC… and Stevens house in Louisville. I run a DIY booking company called Road Dog Booking and I started the business to support independent artists and performers. obviously- on hold for now.. I feel more comfortable with live shows… but I’m in love with recording as well .. I just still get a lil nervous.. like a frozen time capsule.. every live show is a new show.. you can do something completely new and I love exchanging energy with a crowd.. nothing like it.. <3

How do you create your songs? What is the process like? Does it take you days, weeks, even longer? How does the perfect piece come together?

I create my songs by just releasing how I feel.. Sometimes it’s a melody I sing and come up with on my bike or shower.. sometimes I’m just messing around on the guitar and something comes out… some songs take me 20 min to write.. only happened twice.. others it’s usually a few weeks…sometimes I come back to an old voice memo after a year.. you just gotta keep practicing and playing… that’s the only way. I don’t know how the perfect piece comes together – or even if that exists. I’ll let ya know if I find out.

How did you create a sound throughout time that is so uniquely your own? What defines your sound to you?

I created a unique sound by being open to unique sounds. I love all kinds of noise and music…I collect all kinds of music and I really try to listen to my surroundings at all times and I try to appreciate simple sounds that are still pleasing.. What defines my sound is how emotionally engaged and vulnerable I try to be. I want to give a different aural experience and I like to get weird and build tension and release.

What do you hope you accomplish musically as we head further into 2020?

In the beginning of the year, I was going to tour a lot and had lots of tours cancelled.. so now… I just hope to continue to write, record and react reasonably… I’m thankful all the traveling has helped me adapt a little easier to change.. lots of change this year so far.. but not in the way we want. I want to be more intentional with the businesses and artists I support- meaning supporting people of color. I want to learn and grow a lot.. I hope to play another show in 2020… but there are bigger problems to be focused on for now.. for now.. I’m going to be politically engaged and aware.. sign petitions, stand up, donate and march.


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