Putting the Rock N’ Roll Back In the World: Meet HOLY ROLLER BABY


Holy Roller Baby are a band that are about to become a household name. Their latest single “Leper Blues,” which lured us in with infectious vocals and instrumentation, brings true Rock n’ Roll back to life. Taken from their upcoming release “Frenzy,” due out this year, the band shows no sign of slowing down…and we’re digging it. With music that will give you shivers up your spine, Holy Roller Baby are breaking barriers in a big way. We had the pleasure of sitting down with the group, for an exclusive interview which you can dive into below.


What is the inspiration behind your new single “Leper Blues”?
Thank you for taking an interest in it! I’m not really sure what drove it musically. But lyrically it came from a feeling of isolation and being ‘untouchable.’ Ever been so lonely you just wished someone would acknowledge your existence? That’s pretty much it. I also saw a nurse in gloves and full nurse gown attire hug her significant other who was not dressed as she was…and that image stuck with me.
What made you discover your passion for creating an eclectic blend of your own sound? What places in your mind do you channel to craft your songs?
I’m not sure really. I guess that’s a question for the listeners to decide. I never sit down and say, “Now I’m going to do a Carpenters-esque inspired love ballad.” Although that would be pretty fun to do. Maybe…

What is the meaning behind the song’s title “Leper Blues;” and what does it hold for you?
I don’t think it’s a superlatively profound song. You just have to know what a leper is. Its beauty and the beast. Lepers have always been outsiders. 

What are your favorite venues to perform at? and if you had to choose, do you feel more comfortable in the studio or onstage, and why?
Well we picked the wrong time to be a new band with a worldwide pandemic. We’re relatively new and had a lot of touring planned for this year, so all in all it’s tough to say what our favorite venue is. We live in Texas where country music and cowboys seem to run the musical show so we stand out in that regard.How do you create your songs? What is the process like? Does it take you days, weeks, even longer? How does the perfect piece come together?
There’s no set process really. I think the first thing to do in order to write a song is decide to write a song. Some folks wait for inspiration or a ‘light-bulb moment.’ That’s fine. Those just don’t happen very often. When they do, of course, you run with them! But normally you start with something small…a riff…a chord…humming a melody etc. and build from there. Who cares if it’s good or not. Just write. Editing is where the magic happens anyways.

How did you create a sound throughout time that is so uniquely your own? What defines your sound to you?
Thank you. The idea is to be the best Holy Roller Baby there is. I live in 2020. There’s this concept that the only way to be an authentic rock band is to reproduce 1972 as much as possible. I don’t understand how being Greta Van Fleet and dressing with 50 year old rock fashion styles somehow makes you relevant or ‘new.’ Trying to be myself is enough of a daily challenge.
What do you hope you accomplish musically as we head further into 2020?
With the virus raging who knows really what set plans we can make. My hope is to have the album released later this year in full with a few more music videos to boot. “Ravings At Your Window” is already out and streaming everywhere with a music video to accompany it.