Safari Room Share a Dose of Indie Goodness with New Album


Discover the Safari Room’s “Look Me Up When You Get There” on Spotify

Tennessee darlings Safari Room do not disappoint with their far-out cosmic riffs on their latest release “Look Me Up When You Get There;” one of the most stellar records of the year.

Over the course of the release, Safari Room’s signature chops are displayed throughout as their classic 00’s indie scene resonates influences of bands like The National.

As I’ve given this release several deep listens already (it’s GOOD!), a few standout tracks for me include the vibrant “Young Water,” the soft-flowing “Plans,” and the hazy “Glass Box.” Though each song on the record works perfectly as an individual, as a whole the album is a dreamy, cohesive masterpiece that comes together in all the right places.

The guitars and vocals on the record truly sing together, making them a match made in heaven. The bass and drums help to anchor the whole of the entire record for it opts for a gorgeous series of cycles. Layer upon layer is brought into the mix in a most glorious way. Full of positive vibes, their modern day take on indie rock brings a sound that is boldly their own.

From the expansive sound that truly emerges on the album, they impeccably weave their way through so much territory it’s a listener’s delight. With a truly alive spirit, the album is completely and utterly beautiful. Melodically and harmoniously there are many different riffs  explored completely as we make our way through the record. The multiple angles by which they achieve this effect means that the mind-expanding journey becomes so spirited. By far the true heart and soul comes from their sense of unbridled optimism for there are no dark moments within the sound, only the utmost of undeniable sun. Safari Room is on the verge of becoming a household name, so get on board for the elegant drive.

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