Starpainter Get Wild on Latest Single


Starpainter exists in the carved out spaces between rock, country, and pop. Their upcoming debut record is representative of a modern era of alt-country: a two-step here, a ballad there, a radio-worthy chorus in between. On this release, they have constructed a narrative of beauty, love, fear, and loss without seeming either too sweet or sorrowful.

The band recently released new single “Wild Azaleas” – a rhythmic roots-rock track with twangy guitars and nostalgic melodies.

They are distantly familiar, like a newly met cousin, but distinctly shiny and new. They wear their influences on their sleeves, with pride, showcasing strong songwriting and an affinity for classic folk and rock. Their songs are steeped in the tradition of prairie-born artistry with a pop sensibility that defies their youth. What it all comes down to is a carefully curated collection of fine songs that set them up for regular rotation for years to come.