‘American person I need’: Muslim family reaches settlement in suit against landlord caught on tape

Credit: Pixabay

The lawsuit against a Denver landlord caught on tape disparaging Muslims is on the hook for a six-figure cash settlement.

A Muslim father and son sued Katia Gatchis after they hoped to sublet a property from Craig Caldwell. The tenant caught Gatchis on tape when he came to her with the proposal.

“American person I need,” she reportedly said in the covertly recorded conversation. “Good like you and me.”

The recording went on to include the landlord’s apparent opinion on immigrant Muslims.

“They bring all the Muslims from the Middle East,” she allegedly said at a different time. “And then I have a problem around here — bam boom bam boom.”

Rashad Khan said he and his father were “angry” and “disappointed” upon learning of the claims.

After reaching a $675,000 settlement with Gatchis, he said he hopes the message is clear.

“My dad and I just wanted to know that there’s justice, that she can’t do this,” he said.

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