Bannon warns second term would be ‘four years of Trump in payback mode’

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Steve Bannon not only thinks Donald Trump is likely to be re-elected next year, he also has some predictions.

In a recent interview, the former White House chief strategist laid out his look at a second Trump term.

Bannon said a re-election would translate into “four years of Donald Trump in payback mode.” He described the possible outcome as “pure Trump off the chain.”

Trump would be focused on revenge throughout a second term, Bannon suggested. Among his likeliest targets are media figures and those investigating him.

A crowded Democratic field could be Trump’s key to another term, Bannon believes.

“Every other day I see another person jumping into the race,” he said. “I think those people are rational and the people around them are rational. They must see something in the field that makes them feel like they can make a run.”

But Bannon made it clear he doesn’t “see anybody in that field as of now who can take on Trump one-on-one.”

The Democratic nominee won’t “beat Trump with policies,” he said, using one prominent candidate as an example.

U.S. Sen Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has “an incredibly detailed” policy platform, Bannon noted.

“She’s at what, 7 percent, 8 percent?” he asked.

If no one in the field is capable of beating Trump, Bannon threw out another possible plan.

“If they don’t think that they’ve got somebody that can beat him, the vampire is going to be in the bullpen,” he said of 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton. “She did get 63 million votes.”

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