‘Blowing themselves up politically’: Joe Scarborough says ‘Woke Democrats’ will help reelect Trump

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In a series of tweets for which he later expressed some regret, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough called Democrats to task for behavior he predicts will backfire.

His comments were sparked by a news story about activists on the left pushing Nike to cancel a planned sneaker design featuring the U.S. flag designed by Betsy Ross.

“The Betsy Ross flag is now a symbol of White Nationalism and slavery?” the “Morning Joe” host asked. “Not defiance against a distant monarchy? Really, Nike?”

Scarborough, an ex-U.S. congressman from Florida, acknowledged that he does not expect “Woke Democrats … to adjust their beliefs and strategies to suit a former Republican,” adding that he only wants “them to refrain from blowing themselves up politically and re-electing Trump.”