Chris Christie says Barr’s summary ‘clearly contradicts’ latest Mueller comments

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In the wake of special counsel Robert Mueller’s first comments since the release of his report, one prominent Republican noted contradictions with the summary compiled by Attorney General William Barr.

“Those comments by Bob Mueller about the other processes — obviously impeachment being the only constitutional way — definitely contradicts what the attorney general said when he summarized Mueller’s report and said he then had to draw the conclusion on that,” said former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. “Mueller clearly contradicts that today in a very concise way.”

President Donald Trump, however, reacted to Mueller’s remarks by doubling down on his assertion that the report clears him.

Christie echoed Mueller’s conclusion, asserting that it is “the call of the Congress, playing their role as a co-equal branch of government” to determine whether Trump committed obstruction. A Justice Department recommendation states that a sitting president should not be indicted.