Church apologizes after pastor tells kids to spit on, slap and cut him during lesson

Credit: Pixabay

A youth pastor at one church in Ohio created a social-media firestorm for his recent presentation after service.

As part of a misguided service about Jesus’ crucifixion, Jaddeus Dempsey involved kids in a disturbing display.

Impact City Church’s lead pastor, Justin Ross, appeared with Dempsey to explain and apologize. Ross was also reportedly in the room during Dempsey’s lesson.

“Jaddeus got up in front of the students and he says, ‘I’m going to ask you to do something that might seem a little crazy, but if there’s anyone here that would like to spit in my face, you can do so without repercussions,” Ross said.

Video shows multiple kids spitting in Dempsey’s face. He further encouraged them to slap him and cut him with a steak knife.

“I am so sorry for misrepresenting the community, the church, the parents, the students,” Dempsey said.

He added that his “intention was just to show them how much Jesus loved them.”