Convict stabs cellmate and removes eye and organ in ‘gruesome’ beheading, prosecutors say

Credit: Pixabay

A convicted killer is facing new charges of brutally killing his cellmate behind bars in California.

Reports indicate 44-year-old Luis Romero was fatally stabbed on March 9.

“In this case, one of the victim’s fingers was severed, a body part was cut out, his eye was removed and his head was decapitated,” Kings County Assistant District Attorney Phil Esbenshade said.

His cellmate, Jaime Osuna, now stands accused of the vicious murder. The suspect is already serving a life sentence for a conviction of murder in the second degree.

Prosecutors made the case in court on Thursday during an arraignment hearing. Osuna pleaded not guilty to the latest allegations and could face capital punishment if convicted.

Esbenshade called it “the most gruesome case” he has ever seen.

Among the physical evidence he said prosecutors will present is the alleged murder weapon found in the suspect’s cell.

He said “it looked like it was manufactured from a razor that could have been issued.”