Ex-‘Fox & Friends’ host reportedly flees the US amid growing real-estate scandal

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Reports this week indicate Clayton Morris, who had been a “Fox & Friends” co-host until resigning in 2017, has left the county in an alleged attempt to evade real-estate lawsuits dogging him back home.

Morris reportedly started working in real estate with Indiana-based promoter Bert Whalen upon leaving Fox News Channel. The two have since been accused of fraudulent practices.

In a statement, Morris’ wife, ex-MSNBC anchor Natali Morris, denied responsibility for any wrongdoing and vowed to mount a defense while in Portugal.

“We have answered all of our attorney general requests in all states,” she said. “We have answered all lawsuits.”

An attorney for one of the alleged victims, however, said her client believes that “innocent people don’t flee the country.”