Giuliani refuses to apologize to Pelosi after sharing doctored video meant to make her appear drunk

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The president’s personal attorney has deleted a fake video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi he shared on Twitter this week.

But if the California Democrat is hoping to get an apology out of Rudy Giuliani, she might be waiting a while.

The former New York City mayor said he “didn’t know” the footage had been altered.

He went on to allege that there was “no reason to believe” it was fake, suggesting it “looked like enough of an extension of the way she communicates anyway.”

Though Giuliani subsequently posted a garbled tweet including the nonsensical “ivesssapology,” he said any mea culpa aimed at Pelosi would only come after she “withdraw[s] her charge” regarding the president’s need for an intervention from members of his own party.