GOP governor laments party’s loyalty to ‘Dear Leader’ ahead of possible 2020 run against Trump

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan made it clear that he is considering a Republican primary challenge to President Donald Trump next year.

He made his most recent remarks on the topic at the “Politics & Eggs” event in New Hampshire. The speaker series is typically populated by prospective or declared presidential candidates.

In comments on Tuesday, Hogan escalated his criticism of the current administration — and his party’s leadership.

“Did he obstruct justice?” he asked in reference to the recently released Mueller report. “He tried to. Of course he did. He attempted to over and over again.”

Hogan then took aim at Republicans he believes are too quick to defend the president.

“I really am disgusted that people aren’t speaking out,” he said. “Yes, I’m going to get criticized. Yes, people aren’t going to like it. I think it’s important to say what you think. I think it’s important for somebody to say the truth.”

Specifically, he criticized the Republican National Committee’s stated position regarding the current president. He described the level of support with a term often used in reference to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

“To change the rules and insist on 100-percent loyalty to the ‘Dear Leader,’ it doesn’t sound very much like the Republican Party that I grew up in,” he said.

As for a possible primary bid to challenge Trump, Hogan did not rule it out.

“People have asked me to give this some serious thought, and I think I owe it to them to give it serious consideration,” he said.

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