GOP lawmaker punches wife in the face for taking too long to disrobe for sex, cops say

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A state representative in Mississippi is facing criminal charges related to an alleged domestic dispute involving his wife.

According to authorities, 58-year-old Republican Douglas McLeod was arrested on suspicion of giving his wife a bloody nose when he punched her in the face.

“Mr. McLeod had slurred speech and walked slow in a zigzag pattern,” the George County Sheriff’s Department report.

Deputies arrived in response to the report of a domestic disturbance.

Are you kidding me?” the lawmaker reportedly asked when they announced why they were there.

Two women, both apparently frightened, were inside, according to authorities. McLeod’s wife reportedly said he “just snapped” after drinking too much. Police say the other woman threatened to kill her dog if she didn’t let him in the home.

The elected official is facing a misdemeanor count of domestic violence as well as calls for his resignation. The investigation remained ongoing and McLeod had been released on bond as of the latest updates available.