Home Depot staff pitch in to build custom walker for young customer with muscle disease

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A Georgia toddler received some help on his feet from some local hardware store employees who went above and beyond for the young customer.

According to parents Christian and Justin Moore, 2-year-old Logan has hypotonia and lacks the proper muscle development to easily learn to walk. Though they had looked into a special walker recommended by his doctor, they had concerns about the cost if not covered by insurance and the speed with which it could be delivered.

When staff at The Home Depot in Cedartown heard of their situation, they pitched in to provide some assistance.

Christian Moore said she went to the store with a list of items to fashion a homemade version of the walker after finding a how-to video online.

“They started getting the parts together and told us they would put it together and would not charge us for it,” she recalled. “They told us to go get ice cream and come back in an hour.”

When they returned, a walker was waiting for them — complete with the young owner’s name.

“I couldn’t believe they were willing to do that,” the mother said. “It took everything I had not to cry because it hasn’t been an easy road for my son. He has had a hard time doing things that would be easy for most children his age.”