‘Humbled’ Michael Avenatti shares fear of prison in emotional new interview

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Not that long ago, he was a staple on cable news as he represented the adult film star accusing President Donald Trump of paying her off to remain silent about an affair.

Now, Michael Avenatti is far less public as he faces his own issues. Most notably, he is facing criminal charges of extortion following a deal he alleged proposed to Nike representatives.

I’ve been humbled,” he said in a recent interview. “I’ve been humbled significantly. There’s been a lot of highs and there’s been a lot of lows. And frankly, I’ve attempted not to get too high.”

Admitting he had sometimes failed in that pursuit, he said he is now focused on “trying not to get too low.”

Despite the personal blow, Avenatti described himself as “a fighter” determined to refute the allegations against him.

“And I anticipate that there’s going to be a lot of evidence and a lot of facts that are going to come out that are going to change perhaps the opinion that people have having now only seen one side of the story,” he said. “We don’t convict people after only hearing one side of the story.”

Nevertheless, Avenatti knows a substantial prison term is a possibility if convicted of the most serious counts. He reportedly teared up as he reflected on the gravity of his situation.

“If I wasn’t afraid of that, there would be something fundamentally wrong with me as a — as a man, as a human being,” he said.

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