‘I gave him the spiel’: Napolitano rejects Trump’s description of their SCOTUS conversation

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In response to a recent cable news appearance, President Donald Trump called out Andrew Napolitano.

Among the personal attacks Trump levied in a pair of tweets was that the Fox News Channel analyst lobbied him for a spot on the Supreme Court.

“No,” Napolitano said in response to the claim. “He and I spoke for about three hours and two 90-minute meetings. This is when he was the president-elect about the type of person that should replace Judge [Antonin] Scalia.”

He said he described a candidate like Neil Gorsuch, who went on to be nominated and confirmed. But Trump, Napolitano said, pushed him to consider himself.

“And in the process of my describing that person, and the person I was describing was then-Judge Neil Gorsuch, he looked to me and said, ‘Sounds like you’re describing yourself,” Napolitano recalled. “I said, ‘No, no I’m not describing myself, I’m describing Neil Gorsuch because you have this list of people from which you want to choose and Judge Gorsuch is the person that I think most of your advisers are going to point to.'”

This conversation came “early on in the process,” he continued.

“So [Trump] said, ‘All right, give me a spiel as to why I should put you on,'” Napolitano said. “Who would turn that down? So I gave him the spiel, so to speak.”

During the interview, he reacted generally to Trump’s harsh tone.

“This is the way you treat your friends, how do you treat your enemies?” he said. “Oh boy.”