‘I’ll make the first order’: GOP officials slam Nike’s decision to pull sneakers with US flag design

Credit: NeedPix

After Arizona’s governor vowed to rescind “major” incentives for the sneaker company, other elected officials are speaking out against Nike’s decision to pull a line of shoes bearing the Betsy Ross-designed U.S. flag.

In comments this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., urged Nike or a competing firm to produce the design.

“If we’re in a political environment where the American flag has become controversial to Americans, I think we’ve got a problem,” he said. “I hope Nike either releases these shoes or some other shoe maker picks up the flag, puts it on a pair of shoes and starts selling it. I’ll make the first order.”

Sen. Ted Cruz similarly denounced the decision, claiming he would no longer purchase from the brand.