‘It’s deeply concerning’: Progressive groups take on Democratic Party leadership in scathing new letter


Amid continued reports of infighting between the moderate and progressive wings within the Democratic Party, the latter faction has issued a statement signed by several far-left organizations.

Groups including CREDO Action, Democracy for Action, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, and Justice Democrats criticized party leaders for taking a group of freshman lawmakers.

“Just days after joining with Republicans to give Trump billions more to harm immigrant families, it’s deeply concerning that senior Democratic Party leaders and their aides have been escalating attacks on new leaders in the party who have been rightfully advocating a stronger approach to holding the Trump administration accountable to human rights abuses being committed on the border and against immigrants.”

The letter’s signers went on to urge legislative action, writing that in the wake of “ICE raids occurring this weekend, deaths of children at the border camps, and a continued blank check for the administration’s racist deportation machine, we will be focusing on the real crisis at hand and we urge Democratic leadership to do so as well.”

Specifically, the letter calls on Democrats to “fight to close the camps and hold ICE and CBP accountable.”