Laura Ingraham blasts Trump after he declares ‘unlimited support’ for Chinese president

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Fox News host Laura Ingraham showed some distance from President Donald Trump in her response to a recent tweet.

In a post on Monday, the president once again discussed ongoing trade tensions between the U.S. and China.

“When the time is right we will make a deal with China,” he wrote. “My respect and friendship with President Xi is unlimited but, as I have told him many times before, this must be a great deal for the United States or it just doesn’t make any sense. We have to be allowed to make up some………of the tremendous ground we have lost to China on Trade since the ridiculous one sided formation of the WTO. It will all happen, and much faster than people think!”

Ingraham presented him with a series of questions in response.

“‘Unlimited respect’ for a president who locks up a million plus dissidents, Muslims and Christians in internment camps?” she tweeted. “Who oversees a brutal assault on freedom 24/7? Why?”