London mayor hits back after John Cleese says it is ‘not really an English city anymore’


Funnyman John Cleese caused some serious backlash over his recent comments about London.

The British entertainer declared that it was “not really an English city anymore,” echoing previous statements about the capital city.

“It might interest those people who seem to think my remarks about London are racist as opposed to culturalist, to consider what I like about spending time in Nevis,” he later clarified, referencing his current Caribbean residence.

Cleese said his new home city has “excellent race relations, a very well educated population” and “no sign of political correctness.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan dismissed the criticism as partisan bias.

He said the “Monty Python” veteran sounded “like he’s in character as Basil Fawlty,” referencing the misanthropic sitcom character Cleese portrayed decades ago.

“Londoners know that our diversity is our greatest strength,” Khan said.