Marjory Stoneman survivor loses Harvard admission after past racist comments surface

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

While several students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School responded to last year’s mass shooting by advocating for gun control, one survivor has received attention for his pro-firearms stance.

Eighteen-year-old Kyle Kashuv subsequently announced he had been accepted to Harvard University. That offer, however, has reportedly been rescinded in light of offensive remarks he made when he was 16.

Fellow students reportedly brought attention to his remarks, which included repeated use of the N-word.

He claimed Harvard’s decision came after he had apologized for the behavior, suggesting the comments he made prior to the shooting do not reflect the person he is now.

“When your classmates, your teachers, and your neighbors are killed it transforms you as a human being,” Kashuv added. “I can and will do better moving forward.”