‘Much better off because of it’: Conservative group applauds bipartisan vote abolishing state’s death penalty

Credit: Pixabay

In a vote of 16-8 this week, the New Hampshire Senate voted to override a veto, making it the 21st state to abolish the death penalty.

The bipartisan effort defeated Republican Gov. Chris Sununu’s effort to prevent the change.

State Sen. Melanie Levasque, a Democrat, called capital punishment “archaic, costly, discriminatory and violent,” applauding the move to end its practice in New Hampshire.

Overriding Sununu’s veto required some support from the other side of the aisle, attracting attention nationwide from groups including Conservative Concerned About the Death Penalty.

“Ending New Hampshire’s death penalty would not have been possible without significant Republican support,” said the organization’s national manager, Hannah Cox. “Increasing numbers of GOP state lawmakers believe capital punishment does not align with their conservative values of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and valuing life. The state of New Hampshire will be much better off because of it.”