‘Overt attacks’: YouTube ‘looking into’ host’s harassment complaint against Steven Crowder

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Right-wing pundit Steven Crowder is facing harassment complaints from the host of a Vox video series.

“Strikethrough” host Carlos Maza has complained to YouTube, and the popular video site confirmed it is investigating the matter.

Maza detailed the alleged violations in a series of tweets this week.

Among the harassing behavior he cites are instances of Crowder referring to him as “a lispy queer,” “an anchor baby” and more.

The Vox host has previously complained about Crowder’s content, particularly as it is often aimed at him. But he also expressed little confidence that YouTube would take appropriate action, asking his audience to flag inappropriate videos from Crowder’s channel.

YouTube responded to Maza’s tweet directly, thanking him and promising it would be “looking into it further.”

Crowder responded to the new development, claiming his commentary “is not really an example of hate speech or even just offensive speech versus a self-proclaimed queer creator.”