Pence’s chief of staff says he doesn’t think Trump’s ‘intent’ in posting incendiary tweets was ‘racist’

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

After earning widespread criticism for a series of tweets aimed at “‘Progressive’ Democrat Congresswomen,” President Donald Trump is getting some level of defense from his vice president’s chief of staff.

In a statement this week, Marc Short said he did not believe the president was being intentionally racist when he told the unnamed lawmakers to “go back” to the countries of their supposed birth.

“I don’t think that our president’s intent in any way is racist,” he said.

Furthermore, Short disputed whether Trump was referring to one or multiple lawmakers, despite the latter’s use of plural phrasing in his weekend tweets.

“He’s making a point about great frustration that a lot of people feel that I think it’s hard to find anything [U.S. Rep.] Ilhan Omar [D-Minn.] has actually said since elected to Congress that’s been positive about the United States of America,” he said.