Poster for new film shows star holding severed head resembling Trump wearing MAGA hat

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A new concept film has evoked memories of comedian Kathy Griffin’s ill-advised publicity stunt nearly two years ago.

The leading actress in “When Women Rule the World” is seen on the movie poster holding a pair of human heads. One is clad in a hat made popular during Donald Trump’s presidential bid.

Under the red cap is yellow hair in an apparent attempt to resemble the president.

“Meet the first lady of the future with her heads of state,” a tagline on the poster states.

Sheldon Silverstein, the film’s writer, director and producer, acknowledged the Trump administration is a central focus of his latest project.

“He’s a moron and doesn’t care about the environment,” he said of the president. “It’s all about money to him.”

Calling it “a shame he got elected,” Silverstein said his film attempts to be “a put-down on all of that.”

He also noted that Trump plays a big role in setting up the movie’s plot.

“Donald Trump gets in a fight with Putin over who has the biggest penis, and he pushes a button that starts World War III,” Silverstein said.