READ IT: Gubernatorial candidate pens letter to Chick-fil-A amid boycotts of the brand in other states

Credit: Pexels/Informed Media Group

As organizations and governments across the U.S. take stances against Chick-fil-A, one official is bucking the trend.

Some leaders, including a majority of the San Antonio, Texas, council, oppose the brand for its support of anti-LGBT causes. But Montana’s attorney general thinks the criticism is unwarranted.

In fact, Tim Fox is lobbying for more franchises in his state as part of his bid to become the next governor.

“While your company faces a barrage of unnecessary criticism from places like San Antonio, TX and Buffalo, NY, I want you to know that Montanans don’t discriminate against others based on religious affiliations,” he wrote CEO Dan Cathy in a letter he shared on Twitter. “That’s why I’d like to extend Chick-fil-A an invitation to expand its operations in Big Sky Country.”

Though Fox acknowledged that “beef is king” in his state, he said Montanans “know good food when we taste it.”

He said the state’s residents are “hungry and ready to do business with you.”

With only one location in the state, Fox tweeted his invitation “to expand your operations in the Treasure State.”

Do you support boycotts and bans aimed at Chick-fil-A? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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