‘Shame on us’: Kevin Costner speaks out against ‘unrecognizable’ political landscape

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Actor Kevin Costner is weighing in on the deeply divided state of politics in America.

In a recent interview, he called on citizens to demand more of their leaders and themselves.

“Shame on us for being in that spot,” he said. “That could change overnight. Not because of a vote, but because people say, ‘I want to try to be more than about myself.’ That’s the definition of public service.”

Calling the U.S. the “greatest experiment in humankind,” he warned that the nation’s continued success is hardly guaranteed.

“This great idea about America still exists,” Costner said. “It’s still here. People still want to come here. But we’re not first in hardly anything that matters and we have an inflated idea about how we are.”

He went on to opine on the developing 2020 presidential field. Without endorsing any announced candidates, he mentioned his ideal pick.

“Michelle [Obama] is incredibly bright and articulate and has possessed good judgment and experience as a result,” he said. “Why couldn’t she be? She’d have a level of interest from me.”

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