Store clerk fired after he pulls gun on would-be robber with a hatchet

Credit: Clackamas County Sheriff's Office

Authorities in Oregon say a man was caught on surveillance camera brandishing a hatchet during a botched robbery attempt.

The convenience store clerk behind the counter, however, was armed with a gun.

“I’m sorry,” the suspect reportedly responded, leaving his weapon on the counter. “I’ll leave.”

While the gun might have helped him out in the short term, it reportedly cost the employee his job. The Plaid Pantry has a no-weapons policy and says the clerk violated it.

Clackamas County Sheriff’s Sgt. Marcus Mendoza noted the discarded weapon in a news release announcing a search for the suspect.

“We’d like to reunite you with the hatchet you left behind after the clerk responded with a handgun and a 911 call and you fled the scene,” he said.