Texas Secretary of State resigns amid fallout over his false claims of widespread voter fraud

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A high-ranking Texas official has stepped down amid backlash over his debunked claims of non-citizens voting across the state.

Republican David Whitley, named acting secretary of state late last year, falsely reported such irregularities in about 95,000 names on the state’s voter rolls.

After his assertion was widely hawked by right-wing politicos including President Donald Trump, a federal judge completely discredited it in a February decision. Whitley handed his resignation to Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday ahead of a deadline to achieve Senate confirmation.

He wrote:

“Working alongside the employees in the secretary of state’s office, county election officials, and representatives of our #1 trading partner, Mexico, has been my distinct honor and privilege. And to have your trust in doing so goes beyond what I ever dreamed of as a kid growing up in a small South Texas community.”