‘This is maybe too political’: Actor Chris Pine shares his take on Trump’s campaign slogan

Credit:Wikimedia Commons

Not only did then-candidate Donald Trump repeat the mantra continuously on the campaign trail, he emblazoned the slogan on red hats still sported by some supporters.

But years after he rolled out the “Make America Great Again” slogan, its words continue to elicit mixed feelings. “Star Trek” star Chris Pine addressed this issue in a recent interview with fellow actor Robin Wright, who noted the slogan had previously been used by politicos including President Ronald Reagan.

Pine said he wonders when Trump believes America was great.

“Which period of history are we talking about?” he asked. “Jim Crow? Slavery? Plantation masters? And this is not to hate on the country in which I live, which I love, obviously, dearly.”

Wright agreed that Trump should be more specific about when he thinks the former great period of the nation’s history occurred, while Pine noted that the U.S. has dealt with “problems for ever and ever and ever.”