‘Too racist even for them’: Rep. Ocasio-Cortez blasts Rep. King after he weighs in on her immigration remarks

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

While U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to face backlash for her comparison of U.S. immigration detention centers to concentration camps, the New York Democrat remains defiant.

When one of her Republican colleagues attempted to weigh in, she was quick to hit back with some uncomfortable truths about his own record.

Rep. Steve King of Iowa pointed out in a tweet that he toured Holocaust sites in a trip last year, encouraging her to do the same

“Mr. King, the Republican party literally stripped you of your Congressional committee assignments because you were too racist even for them,” she wrote in response. “My Jewish constituents have made clear to me that they proudly stand w/ caged children who are starved, denied sleep & sanitation.”