Watch: Fox News Channel anchor shares emotional monologue about conditions for migrant children

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

As reports of unsafe and unsanitary conditions in U.S. migrant facilities drew widespread criticism for the Trump administration, one Fox News Channel host shared some perspective. Shepard Smith appeared emotional as he spoke during his program on Wednesday.

“Throughout the history of this nation, we have said, ‘Give us your tired, your poor and your huddled masses,” he began. “That’s what we’ve said as a society to people who were in a position where they cannot or their children cannot properly survive. And we have always, since the dawn of this nation, said, ‘Then come. We’ll figure this out.'”

Smith went on to assert that immigrant community has “made America better” each time they arrive and Americans embraced them as long as they wanted to be a part of the fabric of the nation.

“When did we change that and how do we get the previous back?” he asked.