‘We are just selling lemonade’: Young kids raise money to help migrant children at the border

Credit: Video screenshot

Amid news of a continuing humanitarian crisis on the southern border, two Kansas kids are doing what they can to offer assistance.

According to John Wilson, his sons started a small lemonade stand at the recommendation of their mother but soon got an idea about what to do with their profits.

“So, they thought they would want to do something to help,” he recalled. “So, my wife and I started looking online of things that we could try and do to just help what’s happening at the border during this time.”

The older boy, 10-year-old Ben, explained their motivation:

“We are just selling lemonade to people for a dollar each and all the money that would be made from it would go to kids at the border.”

He said his hope for the migrant children reportedly living in substandard facilities is that “they can have a normal life in America.”

Carter, 8, said they have “made a lot of money from just working out here.”