‘We don’t need that extra speed’: Trump slams US Navy for new aircraft carrier design

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The president took time out of an international trip this week to criticize the U.S. Navy’s design for a new generation of aircraft carrier launching systems.

“You know, they were saying — one of the folks said, ‘No, the electric works faster. But, sir, we can only get the plane there every couple of minutes,'” Trump said while aboard the USS Wasp stationed in Japan. “So, really, what they did was wrong.”

He went on to suggest he would “put an order” that steam would be the only energy used on any future aircraft carrier designs.

“We’re going to use steam,” he said. “We don’t need — we don’t need that extra speed.”

Trump went on to praise steam while deriding the new technology as a waste of money.

“Steam’s only worked for about 65 years perfectly,” Trump added, claiming the military has “a $900 million cost overrun on this crazy electric catapult.”