When Cohen arrives at cushy prison next week, ‘anybody’ could come in and ‘take him out,’ ex-official warns

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump’s former lawyer will head to a low-security prison in New York next week to begin his three-year sentence. One former official at the facility is sharing a last-minute warning.

While the Otisville federal prison is known as a more comfortable alternative to other institutions, it could have a downside for Michael Cohen.

He’s not a good fit,” said former case manager Jack Donson.

After answering questions related to the president’s actions as part of the Robert Mueller probe, Trump labeled Cohen a “rat.”

Donson warned that possible enemies will have closer access at Otisville than a maximum-security prison.

“Anybody in the public could drive up to the Otisville camp, walk right into the visiting room, all the way to where Michael Cohen is sitting — literally within feet — and take him out,” he said.

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