‘You’re married to an immigrant’: Reporter presses McConnell on whether Trump tweets were ‘a racist attack’

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

As the backlash over President Donald Trump’s recent controversial tweets continues, one CNN reporter turned the tables on a key White House ally.

Manu Raju asked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., whether he believed Trump’s call for progressive Democratic congresswomen to “go back” to their supposed countries of birth was racist, as scores of critics have asserted in recent days.

“You’re married to an immigrant who’s a naturalized U.S. citizen,” the White House correspondent began. “If someone was to tell her she should go back to her country because of her criticism of federal policy, wouldn’t you consider that a racist attack?”

McConnell did not address the substance of the question, instead attempting to herald the achievements of his wife. Raju attempted to push for a more relevant answer with similar results.

“As I said, legal immigration has been a fulfilling of the American dream,” the senator said. “The new people who come here have a lot of ambition, a lot of energy, tend to do very well and invigorate our country. My wife’s a good example of that.”