Aging Parents And Today’s Generation


Growing up, there were three adults in the household and they all had their role in my life. We had a closeness that many kids today take for granted. If I needed something all I had to do was ask. If I wanted to go somewhere all I had to do was ask. We weren’t Rockefellers who had a lot of money, but at the same time we weren’t staving either. But the time that I spent with them despite having to really work hard growing up, was really a good and meaningful life. I didn’t always understand or appreciate having to work like a slave to be a good thing, but today I can say I’m thankful for all the things I learned from my mother, aunt and uncle because it’s made me a very different person from what I could have been.

This in mind, many of today’s kids have it way to easy, are very disrespectful and know nothing about hard work, how to earn money and be responsible people. Is this their fault? That’s a loaded question because the times are different and where many parents are working two and three jobs, others may be strung out on drugs or perhaps drunk all the time, where the kids are forced to learn about life on their own. Today’s kids definitely see a different life than when I was growing up. They are now forced to be survivalist in everyway mentionable.

In my childhood, I was young when my grandfather, my mother’s father taught me how to tie my shoes and make a bed. We were all really close because we all lived in the same house. On my fathers side I never knew my grand father, but my grandmother was the captain of the ship. She ran the house, made sure we had something to eat and that things went smoothly. Till this day I respect both of them, and spent whatever time I could with them to learn. If given the chance now and if I had to be a caregiver for both of them I wouldn’t have a problem because they both contributed to my life in ways that I’ll never know. The bible says train up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart, and that is something that my parents have always believed in, and followed.

Now that I’m of age, and my mother is older, it’s my turn to care for her like she cared for me. I’m glad that she taught me it’s ok to care about people and to want to be invested in the lives of those around you and those who cared for you. Unfortunately today, there are many grand parents whom are stuck with raising their children’s children. The times have changed and Grandma and Grand Daddy no longer understand what it means to be a child.

Today we live in a technologically advanced world, where we can go when we want, buy anything that we have money to buy, tune out who we want whenever we’re ready and kick back on the couch whenever we want. Today we have running water and bathrooms in our living quarters, central heating, a car or cars in the drive way and IPhones and Ipads to communicate with. Back in the day, we had to work. We spent quality time outside working in the garden, cutting grass, cleaning up the area, playing with neighbor kids. We didn’t have all these computerized things. You were forced to spend more time with loved ones and really get to know each other. This made you appreciate what you had and be thankful for what you had. Today many kids act like spoiled brats because their parents have provided a life of luxury and made them work for nothing. The grand parents are stuck left trying to understand and semi- raise grand children who appreciate nothing and want everything because they’re use to getting it the easy way. Where does this end, and will our children be better people because of it? The bible says honor our mothers and fathers for our days shall be long. How can grand children respect and appreciate grand parents if their parents have not taught them to do so?

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