Mother’s Day And Family


It’s a true blessing to be able to call home and say Happy Mother’s Day to my mother. I can also say she and I have always had a great relationship, and we respect the other mutually.

Where my relationship with my mother is wonderful, not everyone can say that. Some of us have troubled relationships that span decades with no end in sight. It’s truly a sad reality when your mother is alive and well, and a child or children don’t have a relationship where they can talk to her or be in her company. Exodus 20:12 says Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee. Likewise there should be mutual respect by the mother for the children. Some mother’s fall very short when the roles are reversed.

Every Mother’s Day I watch as my wife do all the calling to her step mother, aunts and even friends to wish them happy Mother’s Day, but rarely do she get a call at all. It bothers her and I can see that so I do my part to make her feel special.

And then we have the conversation. I say you always remember people and try and be nice and respectful of people and they on the other hand act as if you are invisible and can’t remember that you even exist. Years ago she told me that I was the problem, and they didn’t like me. But I’m always thinking to myself, what did I do to them? And I’m very good to my wife. And it’s my responsibility to take care of her, not them.

So this is why they disrespect her? Don’t come around and don’t call to check on her? Well it works for me because I don’t have to be faking how I feel about them, and I don’t have to be upset about going to a house for an event that I don’t want to go to. Besides we keep our business to ourselves- at least I do.

I hate that they treat her like she’s invisible and lack feelings. And then I have to offer my speech- if I was you I would leave those people alone. You deserve respect too. You have feelings too. And I know it hurts you, and that’s when I get the speech, “I just wanted you to listen and not say anything”. So as the husband, I sometimes have to play both sides.
Believe it or not family and so- called friends are the worst when it comes to celebrating each other. If you want to be hurt, family and friends know how to do it because they are the closest to you and know where your weak areas are.

But Mother’s Day is a special day that we all should celebrate because without our mother’s none of us would be here. It’s equally important that we all treat each other not only special, but with respect. So to me that means we have to give a little and take a little. It’s not all about take, take, take, but giving, sharing and showing love. And sometimes that’s hard for a family.

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