Visions, Dreams, Steve Harvey And The Trump Administration


I have said over and over that I would not write about my contempt for the Trump Administration, but it wouldn’t be right not to shed light on a situation that has had me puzzled since day one of the new presidency.

I’m remembering back to the now infamous news conference in New York where all of America saw Comedian and Talk Show Host Steve Harvey standing side by side with President Donald Trump. In a recent YouTube video he took the time to open up and talk about the entire situation. I was so stunned at what we didn’t know, I had to take his speech as a cue to help spread the news about how the Trump meeting came to be, his mission and the results of their meeting.

According to Steve, he told Trump that he wanted to work in partnership with Housing And Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson to help develop a program to aid African American boys and girls. His plan was to create vision homes for families in the urban communities with help from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. President Trump immediately loved the idea. Steve was pleased that Trump was accepting of the idea and felt the meeting was good.

According to Steve, once he walked downstairs Trump came from behind to immediately announce to the media that he was going to replace and repeal Obama Care. This sent the media and the urban community in a tailspin. Steve explained that the conversation he and Trump had was not about Obama Care, but about him working with Dr. Ben Carson, which Trump never discussed with the media. Steve’s reaction to the media was devastating, and we could tell something was wrong, but no one knew anything until this this live speech. For many to see Steve appearing with Trump had us all not only concerned, but believing he was in full cahoots with the Trump Administration, which we know now is furthest from the truth.

Today, Steve’s idea is coming to life with the first Vision Center to be developed in Detroit, MI, which will teach life skills, coding, and science to the inner city youth and financial skills to the parents. This idea is a wonderful idea, and we’re waiting to see how it plays out. It’s unfortunate though that President Trump has said nothing about this idea or the plan to take it nationwide.

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