Loose Change for America

Photographed By Garland L. McLaughlin

Little is being said about the unaccounted supply of coins and international currencies floating around right here on United States soil. It’s really weird to find on a daily basis the different ways how money is actually going unaccounted for. This unaccountable position results as a high cost to the people that are actually throwing their money away in careless ways.

In the past I really didn’t prefer to walk I just had to walk in order to get from one location to the other. Most of the time along the way I would be the one that would find loose change or a few coins on the sidewalk here and there. This became a pretty neat habit to have, especially if I needed a quarter or a couple of dimes to make a call from a pay phone. Things have certainly changed greatly from 20 years ago, but there seems to be an increase in the amount of change that is wasted. This is especially so even when everyday shoppers and customers no longer have to use a public telephone that accepts change.

Something is certainly wrong when everyday people loose their change, but cannot prove how they lost it when they file their income tax return. There is a silent mechanism within the economy that forces change and disruption to occur. Most of the time the disruption occurs when people just aren’t paying attention to what they are doing. This in turn forces the individual or group of individuals to loose their change. More recently I’ve ran across actual dollar bills and foreign coins and bills in some of the most remote and public places. No one values the dollar like they once did, so what respect would a banknote from the Central Bank of Peru get here in the United States? No respect at all.

It’s evident that the fiat currency and world banknotes are becoming less and less valuable to those that have them here in the United States. It seems that the everyday consumer and individual has been programmed to appreciate parting with the value of the loose currency they hold. People part with their loose change is various ways in the digital economy. Checking the balance of your account from your mobile device is exactly one way that we have been programmed to feel that our funds are safe, even if we can only see the digits on our hand held device. Personally, I’d rather have tangible access to my funds, and possession is 9/10s of the law.

With all of this loose change unaccounted for in the United States in this day and age its is easy to see why coins need to be continuously minted, dollars bills as well. It is also easy to see that with an inflated amount of currency in circulation throughout the United States that price increases are being justified gradually. Consumers need to develop comprehensive strategies to curb cost increases, as well as defend against loosing coins and change.