Where do your dollars go?

Photo Provided By www.pexels.com

Many have often wondered where does their money go after they conduct their business transactions. More have wondered if their hard earned dollars are being allocated to the causes and services that benefit their communities. Elite Gents is a community based organization that cares about making sure that positive and beneficial services and resources are available to young men in communities throughout Charlotte and the nation.

Elite Gents is conducting a research and fundraising campaign to take full advantage of the power of money velocity in our communities. Money velocity is the rate or number of times money exchanges hands in the economy. By actually tracking and reallocating dollars within our own communities we will all be able to contribute to the revitalization of our communities.
The current economic climate is hindering the ability for community organizations and non-profit organizations to raise funds for their causes. With the help of readers like you and wheresgeorge.com community based business organizations like Elite Gents will be able to redirect your dollars toward resources that benefit your community. All that is required for you to do is grab a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper. Next take a few dollar bills out of your wallet or purse. Write down the serial numbers and series year for each bill. The picture below is an example of the info that is needed.
In the final step send an email with the necessary information listed to [email protected]. Also, before you spend your dollars write on the back of each of them wheresgeorge.com, as indicated in the picture below.
By taking the time to help Elite Gents track this vital data you will be assisting in helping redirect dollars back to the communities you care about. Please support our creative fundraising efforts, so that you’re able to see the positive changes and programs that benefit hard working men in communities throughout America.
If you would like to learn more about Elite Gents and their organization please listen to their podcast radio programs on  Exquisite Podcast Radio Network at elitegents.eprn.us, or visit their Facebook page.