Without ADOS Reparations there Won’t be a Gig Economy


As a descendant of American slaves it is sometimes easy for me to point out the inequalities that have existed  since the county’s founding. ADOS, or American Descendants of Slavery has given the United States its edge in shaping global policy in business and society. Policies affect the various ways that global business transactions are conducted. With the retreat and decline of the various economic sectors the “Gig Economy” has come to light in an attempt to side step paying their fair share of ADOS reparations.

In reality, and in order for the ADOS reparations pact to work all sectors of the economy will be touched financially. The gig economy of the past that was run under collective ideas and various names were primarily the inventions of the descendants of slaves. Bartering, car pooling, services sales and fundraising are just a few examples of how American descendants of slaves contributed and continue to contribute to what is now known as the gig economy.

As a large number of service based jobs disappear and the gig economy becomes the primary source of income for most Americans some black conservative voices just don’t want to go all the way and demand equity for ADOS. In the video below Mr. Jason Riley explains that the American descendants of slaves are the human capital that have ran and continue to run America.


I find it hard to point out the obvious. Society ignores plenty of examples of why the majority of ADOS families and their living individuals are faced with tough situations in modern times. The solution is that the descendants of slaves must demand reparations and impose their own system of reparations. By initiating the repair process in this way American descendants of slaves will control their own destiny and economy. This is not playing the victim role which has tirelessly been the narrative for the ADOS community for so long. This would be the execution of justice for ADOS. Without true justice showing no favor toward the financially advantaged the gig economy cannot continue to grow in value, and in a meaningful way.

(Published on Apr 13, 2019 Silver Report Uncut)

Corporate entities have provided all United States citizens with various entitlements, and higher standards of living. These entitlements can and are just as easily being taken away from all citizens. Freedom for ADOS will come when the American descendants of slaves do not partake in the new system that could potentially enslave them once again.