Dear Unhappy You


Dear Unhappy You,

What do I look like lowering my standards to get to your level? Why should I have to get out of my vibe because of your hooting and hollering? Who raised you? Is your significance in your world so minute that you have to internet thug your way into my peace of mind?

If you were a git I’d consider giving you a pass. But you’re a whole grown individual with minor individuals that you should be a role model too.

Stop failing in life. Start looking in the mirror and being honest to yourself about your own faults and mishaps.

Just remember one thing. You can never live my life. But if you decide to shut up and listen you might just learn something.

And I know that they say that the grass ain’t always greener on the other side but as for this yard…everybody is doing good. Lastly, if you change your attitude and mindset one day you may be allowed to at least sit on the front porch. Until then, keep posting and deleting searching for likes and comments.