Defining Racial Hierarchy


Scientific racism in relations to Steinberg is a painful conversation for many people who oppose this type of behavior. Scientific racism can be related to white in several points of our history. Many whites in the 1900’s and previous years had hatred towards blacks because of skin color, language barriers and living lifestyles. Scientific racism allowed many white people to believe that blacks were inferior because blacks were different. In reality, it was white people who had a low melanin count which is why their skin color was lighter than blacks.

Savage culture explained by Steinberg was a practice used by early civilizations. There are certain places around the world that still practice this behavior. Most of these groups are in third world countries and are isolated from most of the world. Many of them still hunt for their own foods, live in the wood or forests, and do not practice healthy living. An example of a savage culture is cannibalism. In some savage cultures, cannibalism is used against people that groups feel threatened from. These threats could be perceived as withcraft.

The culture of poverty can be seen in America every day. In major cities like Miami where there are people living the rich and famous life, poverty still exists. This type of culture brings gang violence, drug use, violence towards women and also a lower education. In my opinion a person who is hungry does not have the best health and will not be able to get the better job and will also take penitentiary chances to survive. Unfortunately, very often it is the people who are not doing wrong who become victims to the culture of poverty.

Oppositional culture is a problem that is also seen in the United States of America. A student at a private school with a same GPA as a student in a low income area public school tends to have more opportunities in life. From colleges, to job searches and scholarships, oppositional culture exists. It is almost safe to say that if your family is well off then you have a better chance at being well off. This hurts people’s chances at a lower economic status from gaining success in many situations. On the other hand, the person from the lower economic status could gain the higher success from the hard work and determination to make it out of a struggling situation.

Racial hierarchy has damaged the world in the past. An example is the Ku Klux Klan. They are a group of people who believe they are superior to all other races. They were white cloths over their face. Their logo is a red swat-style emblem. This type of thinking causing mistreatment to minorities including blacks, latins and women. These days, those that practice racial hierarchy are able to recruit adolescences minds using the internet. This is very dangerous to all of us because these young people are easily influenced.

Reification of culture is more dangerous than all the concepts combined. This is the reason why the other cultures exist. Reification of culture makes it seem okay for things to be the way it is no matter how wrong it really it is. To accept a bad lifestyle and make it your own blocks out all other possibilities. In these groups, many women and children are isolated from the world. This is train a person or group of people to believe a certain way. This is the realization that the blind leads the blind.